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Breakfast Burger $11A 5 ounce Burger on a toasted warm bun with Milton smoked Gouda cheese, crispy hashbrowns, bacon, a fried egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of potatoes. 

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Steakhouse Omelet $12.50Three egg omelette with grilled steak, grilled onions, asparagus, mushrooms and jack cheese. Served with the choice potato on the side.--   Natalie Bellabout.me/natalie.bell

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Breakfast Melt $10.50Texas toast piled high house made with pork sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs. Smothered with Gouda queso and topped with another piece of Texas toast. Served with a choice of potato on the side.--   Natalie Bellabout.me/natalie.bell

Daily Special 9/20

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Breakfast Burrito Pizza $11.00 For when you can't decide on a burrito or pizza, get both! Our pizza crust with a fancy cheddar cheese sauce base, scrambled eggs, bacon, chorizo, Jack cheese and a sprinkling of pico de Gallo.

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The Bayou Bowl $13A big bowl with a biscuit on the bottom, Cajun spice rice with smoke sausage, chicken, and shrimp talked with a basted egg and our creamy cheese sauce. 

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Cajun Stuffed Pepper $12A big roasted pepper stuffed with smoke sausage, smoked chicken, Kasian shrimp and rice then talked with a base today and out creamy cheese sauce. 

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Monte Cristo $11.50Two pieces of French toast with roasted turkey, black forest ham, Swiss cheese in between. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of jam and choice potato. --   Natalie Bellabout.me/natalie.bell

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BBQ Breakfast Pizza $11Our thin and crispy pizza crust with smoked sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, with creamy cheese sauce and peppers and onions topped with shredded cheddar cheese and Cox brothers barbecue sauce. 

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Breakfast Club Wrap $11A big tortilla filled with ham, turkey, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes and then served with a side of ranch and your choice of potatoes. 

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