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Daily Special

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LEMON POPPYSEED & BLUBERRY PANCAKES $102 sweet buttermilk pancakes seasoned with lemon zest and cooked withblueberries and poppyseeds. Topped with a lemon simple syrup andpowdered sugar.ENCHILADA SOUP $4.50

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SMOKED SALMON AND BACON OMELET $9.50An omelet with smoked salmon, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, and jackcheese. Served with your choice of potatoes.ENCHILLADA SOUP $4.50

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BAGUETTE BREAKFAST SANDWICH $11A small baguette filled and stuffed with bacon, two fried eggs,grilled onions, goat cheese and a drizzle of strawberry jam. Servedwith your choice of potato on the side.CHICKEN ENCHILADA SOUP $4.50

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BREAKFAST MELT $9.25A burger patty on grilled Texas toast with 2 scrambled eggs, grilledonions, jack cheese, and a side of sriracha mayo. Served with yourchoice of potato.TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN SOUP $4.50

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BAGEL BREAKFAST SAMMY $10A toasted bagel with pork sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddarcheese and mayo. Served with your choice of potato on the side.TURKEY ITALIAN AND WHITE BEAN $4.50

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CHORIZO AVOCADO OMELET $10An omelet filled with chorizo sausage, and cheddar jack cheese, toppedwith avocado salad, sour cream, and some tortilla chips. Served withchoice of potato on the side!ITALIAN TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN SOUP $4.50

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VERDE CHICKEN OMELET $10A three-egg omelet filled with grilled chicken, green chilis, grilledonions, tomatoes, and jack cheese. Topped with verde sauce, cilantro,sour cream, and your choice of potato on the side.ITALIAN TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN SOUP $4.50

Daily Special

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SWEET BISCUIT BREAD PUDDING $9.50Buttery biscuits and sweet berries in a cinnamon bread pudding toppedwith our nanas sauce minus the bananas. Served with a side of bacon.ITALIAN TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN SOUP $4.50

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SPICY CHORIPOLLO OMELET $10.50A 3 egg omelet filled with marinated chicken, chorizo, pico de gallo,black beans, and spicy pepper jack cheese. Served with your choice ofpotato.ITALIAN TURKEY AND WHITE BEAN SOUP $4.50

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CHICKEN FRIED STEAK SAMMIE $10Scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and siracha mayo served on top of achicken fried steak, on texas toast! Served with your choice ofpotatoes.CHIPOTLE PORK AND HOMINY SOUP $4.50

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