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Eggchiladas $11.00Two corn tortillas with scrambled eggs and chorizo. Topped with Verde, cheddar-jack cheese, sour cream and pico to Gallo. Served with a choice of potato on the side.--   Natalie

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Surf and Turf Omelet $12.50A 3 egg omelette filled with ribeye steak, crab meat, cream cheese, jack cheese and green onions. Serve with a choice of potato on the side.--   Natalie

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Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac N Cheese $10.50Homemade Mac and cheese with grilled chicken, bacon bits, and tomatoes that is baked to perfection topped with crispy croutons and ranch drizzle. 

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Crab Ragoon omelette, $12The three egg omelette filled with cream cheese, crab, and more jack cheese then topped with sweet-and-sour sauce and served with potatoes.  

Daily Special

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Tuscan Bennie $13.00Fried and breaded mozzarella and provolone topped with pepperoni, prosciutto and salami, topped with a basted egg and covered in Hollandaise and pesto sauces! Served with potatoes! Yum! 

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Breakfast Burger $11A 5 ounce Burger on a toasted warm bun with Milton smoked Gouda cheese, crispy hashbrowns, bacon, a fried egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of potatoes. 

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Steakhouse Omelet $12.50Three egg omelette with grilled steak, grilled onions, asparagus, mushrooms and jack cheese. Served with the choice potato on the side.--   Natalie

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Breakfast Melt $10.50Texas toast piled high house made with pork sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs. Smothered with Gouda queso and topped with another piece of Texas toast. Served with a choice of potato on the side.--   Natalie

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