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Southern New Years Breakfast $12.50A sauté filled with onion, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, greens, and bacon. Served with two eggs on top and a side of cornbread! 

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Chicken Florentine Pizza $11.50A pizza shell topped with Alfredo sauce, scrambled eggs, chicken, bacon, spinach, tomato, jack and Parmesan cheeses! 

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Philly Tacos $12.50Two flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, steak, peppers and onion, and homemade creamy cheese sauce. Served with a side of potatoes. 

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Christmas Enchiladas $12.50Two flour tortillas filled with grilled chicken and scrambled eggs. Topped with cheddar jack cheese and creamy cheese sauce as well as verde and chipotle sauces. Served with a side of sour cream and potatoes! Merry Christmas! 

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Santa's French Toast $13.50Two slices of French bread dipped in our French toast batter, topped with a white chocolate strawberry sauce! Served with two eggs and bacon! AHHHH!!!

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Mario Melt $11.50Grilled crusty bread piled with Italian roast beef, peppers, onions, melted provolone, and a pesto aioli. Served with a side of potatoes and giardiniera. 

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Salmon Bacon Tacos $11.50Two tacos filled to the brim with house smoked salmon, crispy bacon bits, scrambled eggs, and topped with homemade roasted poblano cream sauce! Served with potatoes on the side! 

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Chicken on a Biscuit $13A grilled buttery biscuit topped with A pan fried chicken breast, melted pepper jack cheese, a fried egg, and homemade roasted poblano cream sauce on top! Served with a side of potatoes! Yummy

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