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Breakfast CHILI dog $11.50 A local all beef hotdog topped with our homemade chili, cheddar, cheese, minced onion, and potatoes on the side!

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Smoked Turkey Omelet $10.50An omelet filled with sliced smoked Turkey, asparagus, tomatoes, jack cheese, and drizzled with BBQ sauce and topped with green onions!

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Turkey Sausage 'Dilla $11.50Our quesadilla filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, hashbrowns, Turkey sausage, tomatoes and spinach! Served with a side of sour cream and chipotle sauce! 

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spicy Salmon Smash Burger $11.50A spicy roasted salmon burger that is grilled with bacon, a Friday, pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomato, on Texas toast with spicy mayo and taters on the side. 

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Smoked Turkey Club $13.00 Fresh made focaccia with house smoked Turkey, creole bacon, a fried egg, smoked Gouda, and pesto aioli. Served with your choice of potato!

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Smoked Salmon Spinach Salad $13Honey sriracha salmon over a bed of baby spinach, tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, croutons, a hard boiled egg, and served with warm bacon vinaigrette! 

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Meaty Cakes $10.50 Two big fluffy pancakes filled with bacon and sausage and served with two eggs your way!

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Jerk Chicken Pizza $11Our pizza crust topped with creamy cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, jack cheese, jerk chicken, pico de gallo and jalapeños! 

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Florentine Tacos $12Two flour tortillas filled with our house smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach, and creamy cheese sauce! Served with your favorite taters on the side! 

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