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Shrimp Po Boy $13Crispy beer, battered shrimp on a butter grill roll with a Cream occasion saw and fresh sliced tomatoes. Served with your choice of potatoes on the side.   

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Opening Day Sliders$11Two all beef, Nathan hotdogs on butter buns with a sunny side up egg, bacon, and beer cheese sauce served with taters on the side. 

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POTCHOS $11.50Our homestyle potatoes covered in cheese, scrambled eggs, smoked pork loin, bacon, and pico! Topped with queso sour cream and green onion! 

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Philly Steak Tacos $11.50Two flour tortillas, filled with steak, scrambled eggs, peppers, and onions! Topped with a creamy cheese sauce, and served with potatoes on the side!

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Smoked Pork Loin Sammie $13 Smoked pork loin, medallions with grilled onions, a fried egg, Milton, Swiss cheese and barbecue sauce on a bagel bun served with potatoes on the side. Yeah.

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Smothered Steak Sammie $13Smoked tri-tip steak bites on Texas toast with two eggs however you like, and a southwest creamy mushroom gravy server taters on the side. 

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