When Charles “Cotton” Limbocker opened The Chef in 1943, Manhattanites packed into the undersized café with the famous horseshoe counter. Back in the day, you had to eat fast, because you better believe there was somebody behind you, ready to take your seat. Not much has changed, really. The Chef is still packing in the hungry, and chances are, if you come in on the weekend, you’ll have to wait a few for your seat! Don’t worry, though—there is plenty of “The Chef Blend” coffee, roasted and blended locally at Radina’s in Aggieville, as well as a variety of tasty cocktails and lots of friends to keep you occupied until your seat is ready. As for the menu, there is something for everyone—from frittatas to PB&J pancakes, and The Chef Sunrise to Manmosas (that’s PBR and a splash of OJ those Wilson boys from Salina always order)—everyone will find something to love at The Chef.
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