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Sloppy Joe - $10   Homemade sloppy joe topped with cheddar cheese and served open faced on a piece of texas toast.  Served with your choice of potato.   Soup of the Day – Potato Bacon  

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  Mac Attack Omelet $10.50   A 3 egg omelet filled with our homemade Mac n' Cheese, bacon bits and jalapenos. Served with a side of chipotle sauce and choice of potato.   Soup $5.00   Green Chili Chicken

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Steak and Shroom Omelet - $11   Grilled steak, portabellas, and swiss cheese in a 3 egg omelet.  Served with your choice of potato.   Soup – Green Chili Chicken  

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  Blackened Tilapia Bennie $12.50   Blackened Tilapia on top of an English muffin with homemade remoulade, spinach, 2 eggs basted and hollandaise drizzle!   Soup $5.00   Green Chili Chicken

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  BBQ Chicken Pizza - $11 Grilled chicken, bacon and carmelized onions on a creamy, homemade barbeque sauce, smothered pizza crust.  Topped with cheddar and more barbeque sauce.   Soup of The Day – Green Chili Chicken

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 Cinnamon Apple and Walnut Pancakes $11 Two of our made from scratch pancakes topped with cinnamon spiced apples, and toasted walnuts served with two strips of bacon! Yum. SOUP-GREEN CHILI CHICKEN $5

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Royal Chili Dog - $11.50   ¼ pound all beef hot dog on a butter toasted bun topped with our homemade chili, cheddar cheese and two eggs. Served with your choice of potatoes.   Soup – Loaded Potato Bacon  

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  Green Chili Breakfast Casserole $9   Biscuits, seasoned potatoes, chorizo, green chilis and cheddar jack cheese baked together and topped with creamy cheese sauce, verde and a side of sour cream.   Soup of the Day – Potato Bacon

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  Chicken Cordon Bleu Scramble  $11.50   Grilled chicken, ham, and Swiss cheese scrambled in three eggs and topped with fresh sliced tomatoes.  Served with potatoes and toast.   Smoked salmon and sweet potato soup  $5

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  Green Chili Chicken Enchiladads $11.50   Grilled chicken, bacon, scrambled eggs and green chilis in corn tortillas, topped with verde sauce, cheddar jack cheese, and sour cream. Served with your choice of potato.   Soup: Salmon and Sweet Potato Chowder

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