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Green Chile Chicken Burrito $12.50A big ole flour tortilla filled with grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon, pico, cheddar Jack cheese, and smothered in a jalapeño cream gravy and sour cream! Served with taters on the side! 

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Bagel Breakfast Sammie $11A bagel sandwich piled high with a scrambled egg, roasted turkey, bacon, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and Dijonaise! Served with a side of taters! 

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Guinness Cakes $13 Two chocolate chip pancakes made with a Guinness Irish, stout better with a salted caramel drizzle two eggs and bacon on the side. 

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Reuban Breakfast Pizza $13A thin, crispy crust with thousand island and creamy cheese sauce, base corn, beef, sauerkraut, scrambled eggs,  melted Swiss cheese.  

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Queso Breakfast Burger $11A burger patty topped with bacon, a fried egg, and spicy queso! Served with a side of taters!

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Salmon Bacon Tacos $11.50Two flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, bacon bits, salmon, spinach, tomato, and creamy cheese sauce! Served with a side of taters! 

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The Denver Scramble $12.50two eggs scrambled with diced up ham, sauté peppers and onions. Top with melted cheese and cream cheese sauce served with taters on the side.  

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The Italiano $13A three egg omelette with salami, pepperoni, ham, and Parmesan cheese top of caprice salad, balsamic glaze, and pesto. Served with taters 

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