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Daily Special 2/18

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Chili Smothered Burrito $12 Big burrito filled with steak, peppers and onions, cheddar jack cheese topped with our homemade chili. Topped with more cheese, sour cream and jalapeño! Potatoes on the side.

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Strawberry Dream French toast $12Two piece of decadent French toast talk with strawberry cream cheese serve two eggs bacon and garnished with Ghirardelli truffles. 

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Buffalo Chicken and a biscuit $13A hand breaded panseared chicken breast served on a buttery biscuit with melted pepper jack cheese and Nashville hot sauce.  Service your choice of potato on the side. 

Daily Special 2/11

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Baja Shrimp 'n Grits $13 Shrimp sautéed with mango, pineapple, black beans, cilantro and onion served on top of homemade grits topped with avocado and two eggs!

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A big flower tortilla  filled with smoked ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar and Swiss cheese with a Dijonaise served with your choice of potato on the side. 

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BBQ Chicken Pizza $12.50Our thin and crispy pizza crust topped with homemade creamy cheese sauce, scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken, caramelized onions, topped with more cheese and drizzle with Cox Bros BBQ sauce! YUM!

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Salmon Tacos $11.50Two flour tortillas filled with house smoked salmon, creamy spinach and artichoke heart spread, scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, and a sprinkle of bacon bits! Served with a side of taters! 

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