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  Cordon Bleu Omelet $10   A three egg omelet with chicken, ham, swiss cheese and spinach topped with creamy cheese sauce, and green onions.  Served with potatoes on the side.   Soup-broccoli cheddar

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Jalapeno Popper French Toast - $11.50   Bacon and French toast bake topped with strawberry jalapeno cream cheese. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with 2 eggs.     Soup – Broccoli Cheddar  

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Chili Cheese Burrito - $11.50   A jumbo burrito made of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, steak, peppers, onions and cheese. Smothered in our homemade chili and more cheese and topped with sour cream and green onions.   Soup – Broccoli Cheddar  

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  Salmon Bacon Quesadilla $11.00   A big flour tortilla fried crispy and filled with house smoked salmon, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, swiss and jack cheese. Served with a side of creamy cheese sauce.   Broccoli Cheddar Soup $5.00

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  FRIED CHICKEN BREAKFAST $13.50   A hand breaded chicken breast fried and topped with sausage-cream gravy, served with two eggs, toast, and mashed taters.   Soup-POBLANO  CHICKEN $5

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  Egg-chilada $10.50   Two corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, onions and jack cheese rolled up and baked in the oven with more cheese and topped with Poblano cream sauce. Served with a side of sour cream and choice of potato.   Poblano Chicken Soup $5.00

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Salmon Bacon Mac N Cheese - $10   Our Homemade Mac N Cheese with house smoked salmon, bacon bits, tomatoes and more cheese, baked to perfection!   Soup – Poblano Chicken  

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  SMOKEY SOUTHWEST CHICKEN PIZZA $10.50   A pizza topped with chicken, bacon, caramelized red onions, scrambled eggs and a roasted poblano cream sauce with jack and parmesan cheese.

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  GAME DAY BRATS!   It's Bratastic! $12   A beer boiled-then grilled jalapeno cheddar brat on a buttery toasted bun with a Wabash slaw and a side of spicy mustard.  Served with your choice of potato.   SOUP-POBLANO CHICKEN DRINK SPEC-The Apple CIDER Mimosa

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  THE SQUEALER $11   Ham, bacon, a fried egg and swiss on a frilled croissant with Honey Dijon!  Served with taters.       Soup-POBLANO CHICKEN $5

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