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SPICY STEAK SCRAMBLE $10 Grilled steak scrambled with 3 eggs, jalapenos, and pico, topped with pepper jack cheese. Served with your choice of potatoes and tortillas. CHICKEN TORTELLINI $4.50

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PORK FRITTER BREAKFAST SAMMY $9.75 A Kaiser roll with pork steak breaded in biscuit crumbs, scrambled eggs, and cheddar jack cheese! Served with a side of sriracha mayo and your choice of potato. CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP

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Ultimate Salmon BLT $11 texas toast w/ mayo, salmon patty, super bacon, fried tomatillos and spinach! Served with choice of potato! Soup: Chicken Tortellini

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Grilled Pork Sausage Sammie! $9 Grilled texas toast with pork sausage, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese with a side of srirracha mayo! Served with your choice of potato! Soup: chicken tortellini $4.50

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