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The Bombolini $12Italian sweet buns with lemon cream cheese, filling, topped with warm strawberry, jam, powdered sugar, and served with eggs and bacon.  

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Summer Fair Pizza $14Our thin and crispy crust, topped with cream cheese, saw Smoked Sausage Grilled summer corn, scrambled eggs jack cheese, bacon, and tajin with sliced avocado! 

Special 7/29

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Rodeo BurgerAll beef burger on a bun topped with cheddar cheese, funions, fried egg, and BBQ sauce served with a side of potatoes.$12.50-- Ashlyn GriffinKansas State University | May 2021Secondary Education | English

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Scotch-A-Roos.  $13Two pancakes with butterscotch chip oats and brown sugar served with yeah two eggs and bacon on the side. 

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The Club $12The iconic American sandwich with layers of wheat toast, ham, bacon, turkey, juicy tomatoes, fresh spinach, and a Dill aioli. 

Special 7/26

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Taylor's Tostada Crispy tostada topped with chorizo sausage, homestyle potatoes, pico de gallo, fried egg, and salsa verde. Served with a side of potatoes.$12.50 -- Ashlyn GriffinKansas State University | May 2021Secondary Education | English

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