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Daily Special 8/12

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Southwest Bennie $12.50 Toasted English muffin topped with chorizo sausage patties, basted eggs and finished with a chipotle hollandaise sauce. Served with your choice of potatoes!

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Salmon Smash Burger $12.50Our house smoked salmon is smash and grill with caramelized onion bacon Swiss cheese and egg on wheat toast with a side of thousand Island dressing. Served with your choice of potatoes on the side. 

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The Chriddler $11 (chef-griddler)Two small cakes made into sandwiches and filled with pork sausage, a scrambled egg flap, and American cheese! Served with a side of taters and a side of Syrup!

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Turkey Sausage Tacos $10.50Two flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, turkey sausage, and our house-made Verde sauce. Served with taters on the side and a smile!

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Bacon Brat Burger $11Our homemade burger patty topped with bacon, a fried egg, and bratwurst beer cheese sauce! Served with your favorite taters on the side!

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Italiano Omelet $12A three egg omelette with provolone cheese ham salami and pepperoni top with a creamy cheese sauce and banana peppers. 

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Peach Cobbler Pancakes $12Two of our housemaid cakes filled with granola and then topped with a bourbon peach sauce! Served with a side of bacon!

Daily Special 8/5

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Pot'Chos $11 Our delicious homestyle potatoes topped with chipotle sauce, scrambled eggs, peppers and onions and a homemade beer cheese sauce with crumbled bratwurst sausage. Finished off with sour cream and pico!

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Salmon Breakfast Bowl $13.50A big bowl with a biscuit , hash browns, smoked salmon, some scrambled eggs topped with our creamy cheese sauce and diced green onions! 

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