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Chorizo Eggchiladas $12Two corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and spicy chorizo sausage, one topped with creamy cheese sauce and the other with House Verde with pico and sour cream served with your choice of potatoes on the side 

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Fancy Breakfast Burger $12A toasty burger bun top with a burger patty, goat cheese, bacon, a fried egg, caramelized onions, and strawberry jam! Served with potatoes!

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Florentine Tacos $12Two Parmesan crusted jicama tortillas filled with salmon, mushrooms, spinach, scrambled eggs, and creamy cheese sauce! Served up nice and hot with a side of your fave taters! 

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Carnitas Burrito $11Slow roasted pork with Charro beans crispy hashbrowns and scrambled eggs with melted cheese in a big tortilla toped with Verde, smoky chipotle and our creamy cheese sauce. 

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The Cuban! $12.50A toasted baguette was slow roasted pork sliced ham Swiss cheese pickles and a drizzle of mustard serve with potatoes on the side. 

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Game Day Burrito $13Pulled pork with baked beans, scrambled eggs, melted cheddar jack cheese in a huge tortilla topped with our creamy cheese sauce a drizzle of barbecue sauce and crispy onion straws. Served with taters on the side. 

Daily Special 9/29

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The Tom-elette $11.00 A three egg omelette filled with smoked Portuguese sausage and northern California jalapeño jack cheese. Topped with creamy cheese sauce and green onions. Served with a side of taters!

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Turkey Breakfast Club Wrap $12Oven roasted turkey with bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar jack cheese and pico to Gallo in a big rat served with a side of ranch and your choice of potatoes! 

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Monte Cristo $11.50Slow roasted turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese piled high and smashed between two slices of French toast. Dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of jam and taters!

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