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Smoking Piggy Breakfast Burrito $12A large flour tortilla filled with pulled pork, ham, smoke sausage, some scrambled eggs, Melted cheddar jack cheese and a sweet tangy barbecue sauce talked with her creamy cheese sauce and jalapeños then start with potatoes on the side. 

Daily Special 4/29

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Eggchiladas $11 Two flour tortillas wrapped up with scrambled eggs and Carnitas topped with a red chili sauce, melted cheddar jack cheese and sour cream. Served with a side of potatoes!

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Meaty Cakes!Two big fluffy pancakes filled with bacon and sausage served with syrup and your choice of eggs on the side. 

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The Cuban $11A toasted baguette piled with slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles. Served with your choice of tater on the side! 

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Carnitas Breakfast Tacos $10.50Two flour tortillas filled with slow braised carnitas, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and adobo sauce! Served with a side of sour cream and your favorite taters! 

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Smokey Salmon Pizza.  $12Are thin crispy crust with creamy chipotle sauce, smoked salmon, bacon, pico de gallo, scrambled eggs, and melted jack cheese. 

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Chicken and a biscuit $13A pan seared hand breaded chicken breast on a biscuit with melted cheddar cheese, Chris bacon, a fried egg and a side of ranch served with potatoes on the side. 

Daily Special 4/22

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Dirty Sausage Browns $11.50 Our delicious hashbrowns smothered in chipotle sauce and melty cheddar-jack cheese. Topped with scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, peppers & onions and a cheesy queso sauce. Served with toast and homemade strawberry jam!

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Steakhouse Omelet $12Grilled sirloin steak with sautéed onions mushrooms and asparagus with Jack cheese in a 3 gallon tub with creamy hollandaise sauce and served with potatoes on the side! 

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