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Denver bowl $11A big bowl with a Biscuit on the bottom topped with crispy hashbrowns scramble eggs diced ham sauté peppers onions and a creamy cheese sauce. 

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Breakfast Bison Burger $12.50A bison burger patty topped with spinach, tomato, a fried egg, bacon and American cheese. Served with a side of taters and a smile! 

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Green Chile Chicken Tacos $12Two flour tortillas filled with chicken, scrambled eggs, bacon and Jack cheese. Topped with green Chile verde sauce and served with a side of taters! 

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The Garden Bagel Sandwich $10.50Bacon and egg with herb cream cheese, fresh spinach and tomato On a toasted bagel sandwich with potatoes on the side. 

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Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly w/ Grits $13Roasted pork belly sautéed with onions and garlic with an apricot marmalade over creamy green onion grits serve to two eggs and toast on the side. 

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Boston Cream Pie Cakes!Too fluffy pancakes with a custody cream filling topped with a Boston style chocolate glaze served with two eggs and bacon. 

Chef special 3/24/2022

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Steakhouse Sirloin $12.50. Three egg omelette with grilled sirloin steak, sautéed onions, asparagus, mushrooms, with melted cheese and creamy hollandaise sauce on top surface potatoes on the side!

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Monte Cristo $11.50 Black Forest ham, oven roasted Turkey breast, and Swiss cheese grilled between two pieces of our house-made French toast! Topped with powdered sugar, served with a side of jam and choice of potato! 

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Philly Tacos $10.50 Two flour tortillas filled with steak, scrambled eggs, peppers and onions, and topped with creamy cheese sauce! Served with a side of potatoes! 

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Choripollo Burrito $12.50A large flour tortilla filled with chicken, chorizo, scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers and onions. Served with chipotle sauce and cotija cheese.

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